Our Advantage

About Florapi.

Our Brand core value is "Designed for infinity love", we  will do our best to realize it in our daily.  

We collect the customer opinions from Google and other third party website  and do surveys offline and find out the biggest ratios make dissatisfcation are :

1. Rude  service, especially staff pay no attention to customers demand.

2. Flowers quality is bad ,especially not fresh flowers,no enough variety.

3. Flowers too Expensive , especially in holidays like 3 times than before.

We set our company principle: 

  1. Global Supply Chain: More variety, More Quality, Less cost.
  2.  Fresh From Our Farms:  We will purchase flowers from our farm each morning to ensure the fresh
  3. Professional Florist:  Make Suitable flowers and bouquet for each ocassions.
  4. Good Service: Name Badge for staff, we ask our staff to provide smile and patient service, and  you can rate our florist.
  5. Flat in Gross Margin: We  will not ask for high profit for holidays and keep the price in resonalble level